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WindThink is global company based in both Turkey and Ukraine. The team is also multinational and full of experts and highly qualified engineers.  They offer a wide range of consultancy management, monitoring and outsourcing services. Moreover, the company is largely active in the EPC, energy storage, geo-technical engineering, etc. WindThink is also widely known in all services related to wind energy field. These services includes site study of feasibility, measurement, turbine optimization, wind flow modelling and other related services. The major focus of the company is to implement energy projects successfully and professionally. Thus, they have large capacities of project implementation and they are featured by their accuracy and skillfulness. 

Nick Andishan Co

Nick Andishan Energy Company is an Iranian general contractor established in 2014. The company operates under the flagship of Moham Shargh multidisciplinary group. The group comprises a long list of companies underneath. They are initially operating in the energy sector, EPC, T&D equipment, transportation, communication, engineering, etc. Nick Andishan is a professional company focused in control equipment and instrumentation, distribution grid implementation and rail equipment. The company also deals with renewable energy sector in a great efficiency. The company is featured by its huge capacities and commitment. 

3Penergy power

3P Energy Power is a Canadian company with great potentials. The team members, even though young and limited in number, but they are professional and skillful. Therefore, they operate in a wide range of services of energy management. Namely, the team offers energy audits and modeling services, power system studies and research, R & D advanced micro grid implementation, energy planning, risk analysis, big data analysis, etc. They also provide training sessions of energy management, power systems and other interesting topics in energy engineering field. They organize numerous professional conferences and seminars related to the same field. Eventually, 3P Energy Power deals also with several aspects of the renewable energy sector. 

Energy Matrix (Pvt) Ltd

Energy Matrix is a Pakistani company, established in 1993. The long expertise and the multiple number of national and global certification are key elements of the company success. The focus of the team was basically creating a net of awareness for conversion to green energy. Hence, they offer domestic, industrial, commercial and agricultural solar solutions. Services like photovoltaic system installations and solar pumping implementation, energy audits, maintenance and financing services are easily achievable via Energy Matrix professional teams. In addition, the team are working on the revamping, dismantling, packing and shipment of projects and equipment. They also trade and rent used machinery in return of suitable prices. 

Sun City Energy

SunCity is an Egyptian company with an economic and environmental objective of spreading solar energy in the entire country. The idea is to provide clean and sustainable energy in good prices for a growing customer base in the country and across. Therefore, the team offers comprehensive solutions of photovoltaic systems, solar pumping, off grid solar pumping. The company is not only offering efficient solutions to every electricity need but also offering innovative, practice and cohesive answers to electric growing demand. 


ME & CO is a Tunisian company specialized in turnkey projects of energy management and industrial construction. The multidisciplinary approach and proactive strategy are the milestones of the company. The technical assets and professionalism of the team provided a good grasp on the most advanced techniques of engineering and revamping of installations. Therefore, ME & CO is a partner of CERI Group, which is focused in the implementation of industrial projects as well as any required industrial intervention, optimization and revamping of industrial installations, in different sectors. The company is active in multiple segments of energy and industrial fields, namely: Oil & Gas, Chemical Industry, Cement plant, hydrocarbon and LPG storage depot, Power plants, Renewable energy, Pumping station implementation, Pipelines, Etc. 

Lucida Solar

Lucida Solar is a global company, which is operating across four main countries, which are Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Britain. The field of specialty of the company is the provision of CSP systems, for industrial and commercial usage. CSP systems, which means literally Concentrated Solar Power is the process of generating multiple forms of energies by using large mirrors or lenses that collects sunbeams. In the case of Lucida Solar, the energy collected is processed to produce thermal energy (up to 250C). That thermal energy is to be transferred later into steam, thermal oil and pressurized water for industrial purposes. Lucida Solar provides clean and sustainable energy through modern and accurate infrastructure and equipment. 

Parto Energy Iranian

Parto Energy is an Iranian company established in 2016. The core team was a group of university graduates, researchers and eager engineers. They operate in five major fields of energy, which are engineering, procurement, construction, financing and technology markets. The company is the largest manufacturer of automated and mechanized solar systems in Iran and abroad. The number of successfully implemented turnkey projects (about 49MW: six solar farms in 2018 alone) is an evidence of their high professionalism. The knowledge and expertise are the main feature of the team, thus, the company has become an official member of Sharif University of Technology in 2017.

Eco Green Energy

Eco Green Energy is a major Chinese manufacturer and trader of solar energy equipment. The company possesses multiple units of specializations. To enumerate, the units are R&D unit, high tech unit, customer care team and quality control team. This multiplicity of specialization and competences made Eco Green Energy a major actor in the marketplace of solar energy. The teams would guide their customers through the entire process of transforming sunlight into electricity. This includes the choice of equipment, the design, the manufacturing of the suitable solar panels, etc. the products are manufactured, tested and submitted to strict scrutiny and control. Therefore, they are characterized by premium quality and complies with international standards. Besides their high quality, the products of Eco Green Energy are featured by a long lifespan and other warranty options. 


Airentis is a Spanish leading company of renewable energy and consultancy. The team works under a clear framework mixed with corporate social responsibility. First, they provide consultancy, knowledge, and the necessary methodology to offer sustainable energy turnkey solutions. The solutions are essentially oriented towards the production of clean energy with reduced costs. They offer the guidance, planning and design for engineering projects based on renewable energy. The consultancy activities include also carbon footprint reduction, energy audit, rating and saving measures of energy and monitoring.