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We are located on the Black Sea coast, in the resort town of Anapa (Krasnodar region). 
Started working in the "alternative" since 2007.  During this time, they have acquired objects, technologies, patents, and  production. 

Therefore, our achievements may be of interest to you and  we will be able to find options for mutually beneficial cooperation. 

Today we produce some interesting "things".

These are high-capacity flat collectors, vertically axial  wind generators, hybrid systems with energy mixing from  "alternatives" and networks, we collect air-to-water heat pumps, we  install passive cooling systems from ground energy, without heat pumps at all. We received a patent for the blade for wind turbines and mini hydropower plants ...
here are some of our real business: 1.  In April 2012 , we started production of our increased capacity collectors, the results were VERY pleased. 

We were asked to drive them by the guys from the Kurchatov Institute, and to conduct a comparative analysis  between several other collectors, including vacuum collectors .... and I was pleasantly surprised !!!! Ours showed the greatest power in the same conditions, while the area of ​​our collector was the smallest 

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