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For more than 12 years, our company has been engaged in solving problems with the provision of electricity for homes, villas and industrial facilities. We have thoroughly studied this area and have enormous practical experience in using solar batteries, batteries, inverters and other devices to solve problems related to the power supply of any objects.

If you do not have electricity in the country, you have to get used to the constant rumble of the electric generator, breathe exhaust fumes, mess around with fuel, and yet the meaning of summer residences in the fresh air and rest from the noise and dirt of the city. The autonomous power supply system with solar batteries is a silent, modern, eco-friendly source of high-quality electricity for many years, which will allow to use electrical appliances at any time and does not require any maintenance.

If you often turn off the light, but usually it happens at the most inappropriate moments, for example, in winter, when there is no one, or on weekends, the code “everyone has arrived”, the voltage drops and the lights hardly shine, there is a danger of freezing at home, and just sit in the dark, sometimes more than 2 days, quite unpleasant. This problem is easily solved with the help of a backup power supply system (inverter + batteries). In such a system, you can add solar panels to increase the time of autonomy, and when the light is given, the solar panels will reduce your electricity bills.

And it so happens that the network is there, but the electricity bills are painfully beaten on your budget. Solar panels will help. The network system of power supply with solar batteries will allow not only to save, but also to earn on solar electricity.

Our engineers will help you to forget about these problems, we will offer you only the best, proven equipment. We do not have a goal: “just to sell”, we offer only the equipment that will actually work, and not on numbers, based on customer requirements. And the prices are among the lowest in the market. Our “Lowest Price Guarantee” means that if someone offers you a lower price - send an invoice, and we will give you an additional discount, even lower!

We invite you to long-term cooperation and are ready to do everything possible for us and impossible for others.

ALTEKO company two-time finalist of the International Award "Small Energy Great Achievements" 2017 and 2018

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