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COVIMED Solaire France

Covimed Solar France is a large manufacturer and distributor of LED solar lights in Europe. With a production of 10,000 to 15,000 units per year provided by the group's Spanish plant, the company is one of the largest solar lighting manufacturers in Europe. Drawing on its mastery of new technologies and its partnerships across Europe, the company also distributes solar beacons, LED bulbs, tubes and spotlights , solar chargers, accessories (batteries for beacons, presentation cases ...).They also provide efficient stand-alone solar kits with partnership of Irisolaris, solar water pump kits in partnership with Nastec - Oil generators, etc. Covimed Solar teams are able to audit, analyze and ensure technological assets to offer solutions and products tailored to your needs. In addition to being used by a large number of installers throughout Europe, Covimed is recognized as an authorized distributor of the UN and its various bodies (UNICEF, ACNUR, UNESCO, FAO).