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Electrical equipment companies in turkey

E-electricity platform is a bridge of global energy and electricity community. It offers electrical equipment suppliers and energy marketers in turkey the opportunity to be exposed in the global market place, to display their products and services internationally and to win new contract awards.

Ulus Elektronik

Along history of evolvement and achievements has led to the establishment of ULUS Elektronik. The journey started since 1983. A company once called Emsa Transformer becomes in 2005 the huge company of today. A large capital and a long expertise are the foundational key success. The arena of production is transformers, winding circuits, home electronics apparatuses, R and D equipment and others. Now the company is also providing turnkey solutions and efficient technical support. Ulus Electronics accomplished ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management System certification. Finally, the new orientation of the company is towards more developed technologies for its grid and equipment.

GAMA Enerji

GAMA Companies is a Turkish Group established since 1959. The holding covers multiple international global production. The group contains an engineering branch, trading and tourism unit, construction and  industrial plant production affiliation. GAMA Companies are responsible for a wide range of production lines and services. As far as energy is concerned Gama provides premium petro-chemical and gas stations and transmissions lines products. Additionally, thanks to the numerous factories they operate on multiple missions such as water treatment plants and energy projects. The companies have made huge successful turnkey projects.


CW ENERJİ is a Turkish benchmark founded since 2010. The long expertise of the company team members created a solid foundation of high quality services and equipment. The team is manufacturing and providing services for the entire supply chain of solar projects. They operate under the principle of unlocking the system. This means they start the project from the very beginning when it is just a concept then they design, finance, implement and maintain the product in good shape. The installation and after sale services are top premium quality. The company possesses also a whole range of services comprising on and off Grid Systems, Solar Irrigation Systems, LED Lighting equipment, Solar Camera Systems, Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, etc. Thus, quality and production capacity and innovation are assured with CW Enerji.


Esko Solar is a Turkish leading company established in 2014. The company provides different solution of energy issues. The expert team offers energy conservation alternatives. Besides they can provide feasible machinery distributors contacts. Energy plant powers and cogeneration and tri-generation systems are their main fields of action. They promote cleaner and cheaper energy. Thanks to these systems, a significant reduction in the carbon emissions is noticed. Esko Solar offers uninterrupted service and production through uninterrupted energy.


Yaztek Energy is a young Turkish company. The company nationalistic orientation is remarkable. They consider to build up a national satisfaction in energy through providing clean energies. The sustainability and cleanness of the energy generated by Yazteg together with their innovative solutions are the main field of specialty. More precisely, they operate in the R & D field, LED lighting equipment, energy efficiency solutions, irrigations systems, and consultancy services. The company concentrates on the distribution of the culture of self-powered systems through the provision of top quality of off grid solar structures.

almera electric

ALMERA ELECTRIC is a Turkish company. In fact, it is a leading manufacturer of electric appliances of its kind. The long experience of more than 15 years enhanced the quality of the products greatly. Besides, the industrial facilities in Istanbul created large capacities of production (60% exportation). There is a wide range of products available such as extension sockets, groups of plugs, fuse boxes, night-lights, power cords and cables, etc. ALMERA ELECTRIC is operating successfully over 15 countries across the world.


INTEC Energy Solutions is a Turkish company, established in 2006. The company is a leading service provider. When it comes to solar and wind energy, the company could be of great help for its customer. The high quality and commitment of the expert team provide incomparable service level. Turnkey wind and solar power plant solutions are in the bases of the company policy. Accurate consultancy, perpetual development and great performance are the key factors of success. Eventually, it is important to know that INTEC is an EPC (Engineering – Procurement – Construction) company independent from any manufacturers.

Birlik enerji ltd şti

Birlik Enerji LTD Company is a Turkish holding which operates on the renewable sector. The experience of the Turkish company, which started since 2008, is a great source of success. The company is always keeping track of the latest high technologies of the field of renewables. Essentially, Birlik Enerji is working on the photovoltaic electrical sourcing. The knowledgeable and dedicated team has developed a sense of prominent understanding of the sector. Thus, the products, which are mainly solar tracking systems and PV solar Infrastructure, are highly qualified. Besides power plants installations and infrastructural building, the company is conveying training in the same field. They are also exporting to many parts of the world and has impressive partnerships and cooperative projects. Eventually, Birlik Enerji obtained ISO and CE certifications as a proof of their hard work and commitment.

BEST Transformer

BEST Transformer is a Turkish company with a long experience in the field. The company has 52 years of expertise the fact that created a success story. This electric machinery industry is specialized in transformers manufacturing. In particular, they are producing oil Immersed and Dry Type Transformer, Power, Distribution, Dry, Special Type Transformers and Reactors. The human capacity of more than 1074 employee has made it possible for the company to develop its services greatly. That is why the company is not only manufacturing transformers but also, installing, testing, creating after sale maintenance and repairing services and managing other material infrastructures. Another key important service is replacement part production. Thus, BEST Transformer Company is trying to be mostly solution based so that it solves any energy problem a customer could face.


ASEM GRUP is a Turkish company. Area of activity is divided into construction arena and energy arena. Accordingly, the energy sector activities are principally the production and commercialization of energy transmission lines, transformers, highways and tunnel lighting and signaling equipment and energy systems of industrial stations. Professional projects execution and oriented services provision are their main characteristics. ASEM GRUP has a clear vision and strategic business plans, so their brand is following a fast pace of development. Furthermore, the group is working on the evolution of permanent research and technological advancement. ASEM GRUP achieved TS EN ISO 9001 2000 certificate.