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Electrical equipment companies in turkey

E-electricity platform is a bridge of global energy and electricity community. It offers electrical equipment suppliers and energy marketers in turkey the opportunity to be exposed in the global market place, to display their products and services internationally and to win new contract awards.


In 2013, we are  going to celebrate the 15th anniversary of our firm whose history dates back to 1974 and which has united its experience in the fields of electricity, winding and submersible pumps under the name of Sartel Cable in 1998. In a short time, we were able to make a good reputation in the cable industry with our differences. We started exporting to Finland, in our facility in the district of Aydın, Nazilli and today our company exports 85%  of its exports to the European market and its surroundings. Today we have one of the largest low-voltage cable capacities. As of 2012 we are a dynamic cable company with 115.000 m² of space including 18.000 m² cable production facility area, 5.000 m² of copper wire manufacturing plant area, 2.000 m² submersible motor winding wire manufacturing facility, in total a covered area of 25.000 m². Latest system control technologies are used in all of our facilities and we have the industry’s most efficient machines and equipment.

Sartel Cable is engaged in the production of all kinds of low-voltage energy product groups such as PVC insulated conductors, PVC insulated Y-cables, Y-cables, XLPE insulated, PVC insulated control cables, rubber insulated cables, lift and submersible pump cables, fire-resistant  and heat-resistant cables with the domestic and international standards. In addition, it produces submersible motor winding wires for submersible motor manufactures. The quality testing of all cables that we produce are done in our quality testing laboratory in accordance with the standards in facilities equipped with high quality equipment by ourqualified engineers. 

Aware of the fact that customer satisfaction goes hand in hand with staff motivation, we try to create high motivation in our employees, and we continue our production activities with machinery, equipment and technology which are both the human and the environment-friendly. For the aim of  a better service to all customers of Sartel Cable it moved it's address to Denizli at the beginning of 2014

Sartel Cable which has grown with the support of its customers will continue to be a significant player in the turkish cable industry by continuing its new investments without interruption and by bringing added value with its achievements.


Story of Baytaş started in 1996, Ankara, Turkey. Following years Baytaş has became a leading company through the LED sector based on the motto, "RE-CREATE YOUR COLOURS". since 2003. Bayled exports the Reliable Products manufactured to many countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Taking extreme care in manufacturing only the registered products elaborately designed by us, our company continues to increase its number of products and to increase its customers' trust.

We continue to increase our efforts in our R&D department to produce flawless moulds using latest technology CNC machining centres, plastic extrusion machines, as well as high accuracy universal machine tools.

Distinguished from its competitors by QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM implemented from the very first day, aiming at developing and manufacturing customer satisfaction focused products, Baytaş Lighting exports to more than 20 countries.

Aiming at being on the top of the sector, Baytaş Lighting will continue to serve its customers and the sector through its highly specialized personnel, fast growing range and reliable product range.

Batron Arge Danışmanlık Elektronik San. ve Tic. Ltd.Şti.

We are the most experienced, domestic, private organization in mobile energy field of Turkey.

Our company, which provides battery design and production services, was established with the support program of Tübitak 1512 Teknogirişim and started to provide service to the customers in the battery industrial area. Although our company is new, it has been established by engineers with more than ten years experience in battery mechanics and electronics, embedded system design, test engineering and project management.
Battery designs that meet both military standards and civilian market requirements and that are competitive in cost are primarily offered to customer evaluations. The fact that supply sources are limited in the standard and customer special battery design in our country leads device designers to unreliable far eastern products. Being a reliable domestic product supplier on this subject is one of the most important goals of BATRON ARGE. By working as a member of the same project team as the device designers, by giving fast and effective reactions to the design changes and providing reliable products to the designer and the user, we are working with the aim of making our company a world brand and representing our country in this sector with increasing enthusiasm.

Pera Lighting Ltd. Şti.

Discovery We determine the products needed for the correct and efficient illumination of your project. We design special products for your project. Projecting We prepare lighting plans. Reporting We are deducting cost, savings and depreciation accounts. Implementing Pera solution partners We are launching your projects with Maintenance Pera service network.

Sonay Enerji

As we measure the benefits of our projects to humanity, we are happy. In the future, we want to work on renewable energy technologies and benefit from R & D results both in nature and in humanity. We work with high efficiency with the motivation to catch the future with green energy.

Sunvital Enerji Ltd Şti

Energy is one of the most basic needs of mankind and also one of the most important elements of the national economy. When we look at the whole of our life, which is indispensable in our industrial life and in our daily lives , we established Sunvital Energy Company based on the idea of ​​what we can do about energy which is important as air-water .

 Solar Energy Power Plants from Sunvital Energy as Renewable Energy Sources

·        Engineering

·        Consulting

·        Photovoltaic systems (solar energy)

·        Projecting

·        Turnkey plant installation

solutions and provide all necessary support for the operation and maintenance of solar power plants.

Mai Solar

MAİ SOLAR is the EGE DISTRICT DEALER of SeraSol, which provides services in the renewable energy sector and provides turnkey solutions in the field of solar energy.
MAİ SOLAR offers its customers the applications of TECINNOVA-SOLTEQ-ONYX products, which are widely used all over the world, as project and EPC.

Exergy ORC

Moved by an unresting passion to shape new solutions for unsatisfied market needs and with more than 20 years’ experience in the Power Industry we design, engineer, produce and maintain Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) systems for electricity production from renewable energy (geothermal, biomass, solar) and waste heat resources from industrial processes, gas turbines and engines.  Thanks to our core technology, EXERGY's ORC systems perform with greater efficiency and flexibility than traditional steam Rankine cycle systems, helping customers to invest in clean energy project with more profitable heat recovery solutions.  EXERGY was founded by CEO Claudio Spadacini and in 2011 became a subsidiary of the Italian Maccaferri Industrial Group that backed our growth year on year allowing EXERGY to achieve an ORC fleet of 400 MWe worldwide in less than a decade.  We embrace a business development model aimed at sustainable growth by focusing on the development of worldwide markets and the upscaling of plants already in operation.

HT Solar Energy J.S.C. (HT-SAAE)

HT Solar Energy is a Turkish subsidiary of HT-SAAE, which is also a subsidiary of CASC. The latter is a well know company of high technological solution. Basically, their main field of specialty is Aerospace technologies. As far as HT Solar Energy is concerned, it is specialized in revolutionary solar systems creation. The company is the owner of the largest factory of solar panels in Middle East. The production capacities are huge and the opportunities of exportation are large. The transactions are between the Turkish market place and the European sphere, American and Middle Eastern markets. The industry of photovoltaic space-related technologies and applications is an advanced and innovative field. Thus, the expertise of the flagship company and the deep knowledge of the HT Solar Energy team had great results. 

AFB Enerji Mühendislik Ltd. Şti.

AFB Enerji is a Turkish company with large potentials. The expertise of the team extends to multiple field related to energy. To enumerate the company operates on the production of network panels’ applications, commercial projects, automation, relays, transformer substations and renewable energy sources. Moreover, the team offers energy quality and compensations reports. AFB Enerji has great human capacities and machinery abilities, which are the key factors of success.