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Electrical equipment companies in saudi-arabia

E-electricity platform is a bridge of global energy and electricity community. It offers electrical equipment suppliers and energy marketers in saudi-arabia the opportunity to be exposed in the global market place, to display their products and services internationally and to win new contract awards.

Power Transmission & Telecommunication Equipment Factory Co

Power Transmission & Telecommunication Equipment Factory is a company established in 2008. The Saudi company is a skillful dynamic entity. PTE is committed to perpetual improvement in the domain of power transmission. They are specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of link boxes, cable clamps, adaptors, etc. The equipment, which are ranked top premium quality, are produced totally in Saudi Arabia. The prices are competitive and the production capacity is large. 

First Emaar Energy

First EMAAR for ENERGY is a Saudi Arabic reputable company. The expert and knowledge of the team resulted in the provision of best quality of solar energy services. The array of services is customized according to the market drives and the customers’ need. However, there are basic services, in which the company excels. For instance, the team offers solar energy installation and maintenance. Besides, First Emaar provides technical support and engineering solution of design and development to local and regional customers. The company is also a major contractor of governmental and private tenders.

TCCO(Takamul Constructional Company)

Takamul Constructional Company is a Saudi Arabic company founded in 2017. Despite its young age, the company is a leading entity with clear objective and strategies. Their main field of work is providing premium quality of elevators. In addition, another field of supply is generators; the company is supplying high quality of generators. However, the most important part is the supply of solar energy systems and equipment. The innovation and the concentration on quality are Takamul Constructional Company’s main features.

Advanced technology for energy

Advanced Technology for Energy is a leading Saudi Arabic company. The company has a long experience of solution endowment. In addition, the company designs and supplies a wide range of solar spare parts and other needed equipment. However, the real focus of Advanced Technology for Energy is providing more efficient and accurate solutions for various energy problems. Their characteristics are dedicated teamwork, knowledgeable leaders and innovative technology. The company is one of the fewest ones, which has insights and clear visions. Innovation and sustainability are their basics.

Anfa co. Ltd

Anfa co. Ltd is a company of multiple activities. It is established in 2001. Currently, the headquarter office is in Saudi Arabia, specifically in the capital Riyadh. The company works simultaneously on a wide range of domains related to construction, road projects, gardening design and electrical industries. Anfa Company is operating also on renewable energy sector. Thus, they inaugurated Anfa Industry for renewable energies in Sdair industrial city, on an area of 5000 square meters. The aim of the establishment of that factory is to produce solar panels. This firm hold on energy and construction marketplace has created large capacities and revenues to the company.

Riyadh Cables Group of Companies

Riyadh Cables is a Saudi Arabian company founded in 1984. It is a prominent specialist in multiple set of cables products. The expert team manufactures a large range of low, medium and high voltage electrical cables, overhead line conductors, phones and optical fiber cables, and pilot and control lines. The company also provides various services in the field of transmission and distribution of electricity, which are based on the principle of oriented solutions and continuous development. Particularly, there is a section devoted to HV issues, which includes onsite testing operations and cables provisions. The huge human and financial capital made Riyadh Cables invests and gets involved in different sectors and projects of energy, construction and communication.