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Electrical equipment companies in pakistan

E-electricity platform is a bridge of global energy and electricity community. It offers electrical equipment suppliers and energy marketers in pakistan the opportunity to be exposed in the global market place, to display their products and services internationally and to win new contract awards.

Energy Matrix (Pvt) Ltd

Energy Matrix is a Pakistani company, established in 1993. The long expertise and the multiple number of national and global certification are key elements of the company success. The focus of the team was basically creating a net of awareness for conversion to green energy. Hence, they offer domestic, industrial, commercial and agricultural solar solutions. Services like photovoltaic system installations and solar pumping implementation, energy audits, maintenance and financing services are easily achievable via Energy Matrix professional teams. In addition, the team are working on the revamping, dismantling, packing and shipment of projects and equipment. They also trade and rent used machinery in return of suitable prices. 


SkyElectric is a Pakistani company of smart grids. The company is responsible for the provision and monitoring of smart networks of electricity and UPS. Making smart energy technologies available for everybody is their main objective. They are also experts in the field of backup power systems and solar systems. SkyElectric provides installs and controls (in a later phase) any smart infrastructure of smart energy. The team can handle proficiently any project scale from domestic to commercial to industrial. Green solutions and clean innovative infrastructure are their foundational principles.

Shaantech Energy Solutions (PVT) LTD

Shaan Technologies is Pakistani manufacturer, the headquarter is in Karachi. Mr. Pervaiz Lodhie was the first who put first brick to establish SHANNTECH in 1998. An experience of over 20 years is tremendously important in the world of energy business. The proficiency of the company and the expertise of the team created a leading position. The company provides high quality of electro-mechanicals products. Most importantly, Shaantech provides professional services when it comes to energy efficiency and lighting issues. The company is an achiever of ISO 9001:2008 and works in total compliance with Roh’s standards requirements.

Descon Engineering Manufacturing

Descon is a Pakistani –afterward multinational- leading engineering company. A long experience of more than 40 years (established since 1977) created the success of today. Descon operates on multiple levels. Chiefly, the company works on development and manufacturing of equipment related to chemicals and power plants. Besides, Descon, is delivering innovative and creative engineering solutions. The corporation is respectful to every international standard of high quality such as ISO, OHSAS and ASME. Moreover, they work in conformity with national QA & QC and HSE standards.


Trafo Link is a Pakistani company. They produce and trade a long range of transformers. Principally, the company is manufacturing step up and step down LT panels HT panels’ transformers. Moreover, they provide a set of services related to repair and maintenance. Their work is not limited to one domain; they deal with many other industries like textile, paper and sugar factories, as they all need electrical equipment. Lately, Trafo Link has expanded its work and started manufacturing lighting poles. Their concentration on the production of transformers made them expert in their arena.

Breakthrough Energy Concern

Sohaib International is a Pakistani company that affords a wide range of renewable energy products. Moreover, the company is providing solution oriented schemes to realize an efficacious energy consumption for its customers. To enumerate, the company is selling equipment related to solar system, uninterruptible power supplies, domestic electric automated devices, generators and others. On the other hand, Sohaib International purchases the same products mentioned above. Correspondingly, it has extended its business to plunge into vending electric motors and centrifugal pumps and other components. The peculiarity of the company is its personalized services and customized designs.


Forsol Energy Stock is a Chinese major company of photovoltaic technologies. The company is established in 2013. However, in short period as such the company has achieved ISO9001:2008 and ISO14000:2004. These certifications and the accomplishment of various projects are an evidence of great professionalism and commitment. Forsol Energy manufactures an array of junction boxes. The types are potting junction box, non-potting junction box and mainly smart junction. They are leading exporters to many parts of the world. The company is also a major partner of other solar factories, which made it a solid power in China and abroad.

Aman Engineering Enterprises

Aman Engineering Enterprises is a Pakistani firm founded in 2015.  A group of expert engineers focused in electrical designing installations and other operation. The services are principally related to electrical equipment maintenance and technological advancement in that sector. The enterprise manufactures, also, and trades stabilizers, U.P.S. and solar energy systems. The precision of the services provided and the suitable technical support made Aman Engineering Enterprises a trustworthy orientation. Eventually, the customized solutions in the field of electricity enhanced by technological software are the main features of Aman Engineering Enterprises.