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Electrical equipment companies in nigeria

E-electricity platform is a bridge of global energy and electricity community. It offers electrical equipment suppliers and energy marketers in nigeria the opportunity to be exposed in the global market place, to display their products and services internationally and to win new contract awards.


At Denig Solar we are making state of the art solar and battery solutions for a variety of situations. Our high-quality systems are based on the best products and are approved by the Nigerian and Danish authorities.
​We deliver plug and play Solar-systems with battery banks that ensures clean and free power 24 hrs. around the year. The systems are scalable and you can start out with a small system and later add to the system, as you need changes. The solar panels produce the power during the day – even in cloudy weather - and store enough power in the batteries for use at night. Due to our high-quality standards, the systems will provide you with clean, free and silent power for 25 years!
If you don’t have the room or the need for solar panels, but will avoid power outage a UPS is the perfect solution. Our quality plug and play systems are very easy to install and will be charged by the grid-power whenever power is available. When the power is out, our system immediately takes over and deliver power for all your appliances. Compared to a generator this solution is cheap – doesn’t require repair or fuel – and is completely noiseless!
​At Denig Solar we take pride in our service – and you are never left alone with a system that doesn’t work. Our qualified technicians are ready to provide the best service on the marked – and we are just a call away.

E-Sam Energy Solutions Ltd

E-Sam Energy is a Nigerian company established since 2013. The company is concentrating only on solar and wind powers. The team is working for more development locally and across African continent. The company is implementing large scaled projects of renewable energy with efficient and safe potentials. The team offers best quality of wind turbines, solar cells and regulators, inverters and batteries, etc. Thus, E-Sam Energy meets the need of every developing country. Its green ecological approach is urgently required for African countries mainly, which do not have access to electrical infrastructure.


African Sustainability & Development Group is a multidisciplinary Nigerian group. In fact, the company deals with three major aspect of energy management. Mainly, AS&DG offers a set of renewable energies opportunities; solar, wind, biomass and natural gas are their main field of activity. Therefore, AFSE is a young team of experts and a company functioning under the umbrella of AS&DG. The broad experience of the team made all related services of consultancy, engineering, assistance possible. The Group counts always on the expertise of the team for continuous development and research in the field of sustainable energy technologies. The Group encourages diversity and sustainability of energy sources. Thus, it provides awareness campaigns and sustainable solutions for industrial usage

Solar Energy Advanced Power Systems Ltd

SOLAR ENERGY ADVANCED POWER SYSTEMS (SEAPS) is a Nigerian company established in 1990. The long expertise of the leading circle is a main feature. The company is aware of the environmental issues. Therefore, SEAPS has been building a bridge to transfer electricity safely to remote locations. The company is providing a long array of products, which are necessary in the field of solar energy transmission. The products are solar inverters, batteries and premium quality panels, etc. Furthermore, SAEAPS offers a set of services related to supply, installation, integrated power systems protection, off grid domestic installation, backup systems and others. The company is a major collaborate of global partners, which proves its reliability and professionalism.

Fastpace Limited

Fastpace Limited is a Nigerian company based in Lagos city. Since its establishment in 2009, the young team has proved its efficacy and truthfulness in managing energy problems. The firm provides useful backup answers and designs through UPS and solar inverters. Solar power is their core source of energy generation. Their advanced domestic solar grids are influencing. The units and solutions they deliver are affordable, movable, sustainable and clean. They work on the conversion of sun power to electricity in a sustainable and easy way. Fastpace is selling and installing across Nigeria and other parts in Africa.


TRANOS is a Nigerian company, based in Lagos. The company has an expertise of over 8 years. The professional team is designing, manufacturing and managing an entire set of products. The arena of spaciality is the fabrication of power generation, energy distribution, control and automation and enclosures, etc. The products are characterized by premium quality, high standard of safety and pioneering designs. Locally, the company is extremely active and well known in Nigeria and across. Through different and clear strategies, TRANOS reached the international scale.

Isongeyen Global investment Limited

Songenyen Global Investment is a Nigerian company established in 1999. Their long experience created an engaged team of experts. The company is involved in the selling of solar products. Besides the expert team delivers multiple services such as installation and logistics. The products list comprises all kinds of Solar Panel, Batteries and inverters. Isongenyen is operating across Nigeria. They have even networks in China and they are planning to reach other parts of the world. Thanks to their pioneering services and steady steps, the company is considered a leading brand in Nigeria.