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Electrical equipment companies in netherlands

E-electricity platform is a bridge of global energy and electricity community. It offers electrical equipment suppliers and energy marketers in netherlands the opportunity to be exposed in the global market place, to display their products and services internationally and to win new contract awards. B.V. believes in 100% sustainable energy. Independent of existing energy companies, we facilitate customers to generate their own energy or collectively their own energy. As a specialist in total solutions for sustainable energy, we have a lot of expertise in house, but we also work together with reliable partners.

Bespaarbazaar (Volta Solar BV)

Save Bazaar is an activity of Volta Solar . Volta Solar is your specialist in the field of solar panels and energy saving. Volta Solar is your specialist in the field of solar panels, solar boilers and energy saving.

Save energy, generate sustainably and use efficiently!

Volta Solar helps every Dutch person:

  • to avoid energy waste,
  • efficient use of energy,
  • generate sustainable energy yourself.

Volta Solar is a source of knowledge and inspiration for consumers who want to generate sustainable energy themselves or save energy. On this website you will find hundreds of products that contribute to this, as well as thousands of product reviews from customers who share their experiences with you.

Duurzame Zonnepanelen

Our mission is to make sustainable energy accessible to everyone, in this way we want to contribute to a sustainable future of the Netherlands. By providing people with solar energy, the environment is minimally taxed and we can contribute to a healthy sustainable living environment.


About BINK Solar

It is the summer of 2009 when we install the first solar panels on a house in Zundert The installation attracts the attention of the entire street, astonishment everywhere. Today, as BINK Solar, we have grown into the specialist in solar panels for the Southern Netherlands. We are part of the BINK Group. A reliable family business that has been active on the market since 1979.

Our team advises and installs solar panels for private individuals as well as companies and institutions. For example, in recent years we have placed many solar panels on homes, businesses and government institutions.

During your orientation on the internet you will experience that a lot of information about solar panels is available online. Logical, given the advantages: you save directly on your energy bill and you save the environment. After visiting various websites it may seem like all solar panels are the same. Yet there are indeed differences in the performance and yield of the various systems. This difference lies in the quality of solar panels, inverters and, last but not least, the difference in experience, knowledge and expertise of consultants and technicians.


We are an installer in solar energy systems of solar panels. We advise both the business market and the private individual. We advise you on what is a good choice for you to absorb your own energy using solar panels. Through our years of experience and knowledge of the current market, we can give good advice. No selling sometimes belongs to that!

In addition to the advice, we also install solar panels ourselves. Our installations that we have been allowed to develop in the region over the past 6 years are between 6 and 3000 solar panels. So for everyone we have a solution.

Once the system is installed, it does not stop us!

We also carry out aftercare (guarantees) and management & maintenance in-house. By linking regional companies with external expertise to our industry, we have built up a refined network so that we can facilitate all customers. This at very competitive prices.

If this website does not give you sufficient answers to your question, you can contact us. We are happy to make an appointment to get to know and discuss what Dutchsunergy can do for you.

Dutch Green Energy b.v.

Dutch Green Energy bv is your partner for a large assortment of sustainable energy products.

  • Solar panels
  • Inverters, both ongrid and ofgrid
  • Mounting systems
  • Solar collectors
  • Batteries
  • LED-lighting
  • Windmills

We source our products directly from the various factories. These are frequently visited by our quality department. This is to ensure the excellent quality of our products.

We are importer, distributor. Furthermore, a knowledge center. We like to work together with the installers. In addition to high-quality products, we also provide detailed advice. Advice on products, applications, subsidies and economic feasibility of a solution.

Westland Zonnepanelen

Westland Solar Panels is the solar specialist for the Westland. We like to advise our clients in the "very" various possibilities in the field of solar panels, where your wishes and possibilities are taken into account. Westland Solar panels supplies complete systems as well as separate components and is happy to think along with you.

In addition to supplying, assembling and installing, Westland Solar Panels can also assist you in choosing the right electricity supplier (for both the purchase and return of electricity and the best reimbursement) and, if desired, the right party for the financing of your system. 


Draaistroom Nederland BV

Our company was founded more than ten years ago with the desire to supply beautiful, sustainable systems for generating electricity. Since then we have grown and expanded, both in scope and staff. With renowned partners such as ABB, Suntech and Canadian Solar, we strive to remain exciting, modern and relevant in every environment. 

Dijkman Energy Systems

We are the right party for you! 

Dijkman Energy Systems is the party for you when it comes to generating or saving energy. Your specialist in solar panels, solar boilers, infrared and your adviser in cooperation with fellow companies to make the entire house more sustainable with, for example, a heat pump. Dijkman Energy Systems has been active in the sector since 2010 and therefore has extensive experience in this area. 


Only when everyone starts to move, we will succeed in passing on our planet cleaner. Solar panels on your roof is step one, but you can do more. If you already make one friend enthusiastic about solar energy, we are one step closer. Think of your friends, family and neighbors with their own house. We like to encourage that, so you will receive € 100 if someone becomes a customer of Zelfstroom! See here how this works.

With us you can rent solar panels. So you can also enjoy solar energy without investment. We arrange everything from installation to warranty and insurance, so you do not have to worry about anything. By generating electricity yourself, you immediately contribute to a more sustainable Netherlands. Perhaps more importantly, it inspires you to start living more sustainably.