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Electrical equipment companies in china

E-electricity platform is a bridge of global energy and electricity community. It offers electrical equipment suppliers and energy marketers in china the opportunity to be exposed in the global market place, to display their products and services internationally and to win new contract awards.


CSUN is an affiliation of the leading Chinese Group called Electric Equipment. The Group is the result of many other successful partnerships and commitment. Their field of operation is the production of solar systems and equipment. In addition, the group manufactures a wide range of transformers and different transportation means. However, CSUN is fully concentrated on the production of photovoltaic cells and other solar modules. The innovation, huge production capacities and premium quality of services are their benchmark.  The products are distinguished by their long lifespan and warranty period.

Macsun Solar Energy Technology Co.,Limited

MACSUN SOLAR is a young Chinese company based on the principle of commitment and innovation. The team is offering best photovoltaic panels with huge capacities and long warranty benefits. The company has a unit of research and innovation and a unit of production in the field of solar energy. The exact range of products Macsun is working on is solar cells and modules, solar systems and different solar application products. Macsun always challenges and revamps the latest technologies of PV products. The distribution of products and services is almost reaching all parts of the world.

Resun Solar Energy Co.Ltd.

Resun Solar is established in 2007 with large production capacities. Since its implementation, the company assured effective cost- quality relation for its customers.The industrial body is working on the continuous development of solar power systems, applications and products. Resun Solar achieved and obtained noticeable certifications such as ISO9001 & 14001. It is also working in compliance with TUV IEC61215, IEC61730, VDE, CEC, EMC, LVD, CE standards. These facts are outstanding in addition to the fact that Resun Solar is a main distributer for almost five parts of the world namely: Europe, Africa Australia, Asia and Southern America.


Guangdong Shengpa is a comprehensive Chinese group. The main field of specialty is solar products and solar systems. The achievement of multiple gigantic projects of new photovoltaic designs and power generations is their objective. Many years of knowledge and proficiency, global reach and perpetual development of products are the key factors of Sinpo Group success. These features enabled a high level of efficiency and solution-orientated partnerships. The manufacturing of optical films and solar back sheets are a benchmark. A long list of accomplishment and ISO certifications created a leading and global reputation for Sinpo Group.


LEAPTON SOLAR is a Japanese company with a procurement office in China. The company is a combination of high technology and high quality products. The specialty of the L S is maintaining a strong grasp over the whole system of solar energy. Their production capacity of photovoltaic panels and systems is huge. Moreover, a special R&D team are guaranteeing best new generation products. In 2014, PV panels and system marketing center was established in Shanghai. The design, the long lifespan and the high technology are the greatest qualities of the LEAPTON SOLAR Company

Jiangsu GSO New Energy technology Co,ltd

Jiangsu GSO established in 2010, based in Yangzhou city in China. The company is a manufacturer and vendor of a wide range of clean energy products. The company also takes the responsibility of research and development of high tech and high quality items. The list of product is long mainly, there is a concentration on green energy products. The products comprise a high technological set of power generation grids. Furthermore, the activities of the company include the development and production of photovoltaic solar off-grid systems, photovoltaic solar controller, and solar street light controller. Jiangsu GSO obtained certifications of ISO14001: 2004 of environmental quality delivery and ISO9001: 2008 of high quality.

Hangzhou Habibi Lighting Co., Ltd

Habibi Lighting Co., Ltd is one of the biggest Chinese companies of solar energy. They focus on the research, development and production of solar lighting equipment. The company is a supplier and vendor of solar lamps whether indoor (including wall lamps) or outdoor(including street lights). They manufacture off grid solar systems too. Besides, Habibi Lighting produces top quality of portable solar chargers for a longer energy provision. The products respect international quality standards. Eventually, the company distributes to most parts of the world in Africa, Europe, Asia and Northern America.

Win-Win Lighting Company Limited

Win-Win Lighting is a Chinese company founded in 2008. The company is committed to convey best quality of lighting equipment. A large variety of LED lamps is provided. Namely, outdoor and indoor lamps, bulbs and spots and large LED lights models, etc. The products are not only in best quality and shape but also they are based on the latest technologies. The team is composed of experienced engineers, innovative designers and serious managers and this is the success key of Win-Win Lighting Company. The products premium quality and the dedicated team are in the core of the company solid foundations.

Aotai Electric Co.,Ltd.

Aotai Electric was founded in 1993 by two professors and 5 graduate students from Shandong University, we've dedicated over 20 years to the innovation of inverter technology. We currently employ over 2000 employees throughout our 3 factories and one headquarters. 192 engineers are based in the headquarters for R&D, and 256 sales/service engineers are located in 58 branches all over China. Our turnover for 2013 was around 120million USD.

Shanghai Anson Electric Technology Co.,LTD

Shanghai Anson Electric Technology is a Chinese company established in 2003. The continuous development of the company is what created their professional reputation. Their main field of expertise is the production and distribution of a large range of industrial control and protective items. To enumerate the company is providing weatherproof switchgears, switches, combination switched sockets, power distribution boards, electrical enclosures, MCBs, MCCBs, AC contactors, relays and control equipment. Anson has obtained successfully ISO9001 certification and it is working in accordance with CE and SAA standards.