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Electrical equipment companies in brazil

E-electricity platform is a bridge of global energy and electricity community. It offers electrical equipment suppliers and energy marketers in brazil the opportunity to be exposed in the global market place, to display their products and services internationally and to win new contract awards.

GE Renewable Energy

General Electric Renewable Energy is a renowned company with a very long history of accomplishments. The expertise of the global team is perpetually helping to improve the whole industry of renewables. They focus on numerous aspects of renewables such as solar, hydro, wind and hybrid systems. They provide solutions, applications and commercial services. They harness natural resources into useable energies in an efficient way. They combine techniques and strategies when it comes to resources exploitation. The team of GE Renewable Energy provides turnkey solutions for the entire power plant. Thus, the services range from EPC, project management and other large capacities of achievement. 

QV Gestão de Negócios

Queiroz & Vale Company is a Brazilian consultancy company. In fact, the company is specialized in every aspect of business development and management. However, the leading team of the company has created a unity of energy consultancy. Queiroz & Vale is providing innovative solar energy solutions and consultations. Whether using solar power for heat, electricity or both, the experts of the team can guide you through. Intense analysis, research and cutting edge technologies are their main pillars of work.

sollider energia solar ltda

Sollider Energia Solar is a Brazilian company established in 2008. Fundamentally, the company is a manufacturer of high quality of solar panels and thermal reservoirs. The technologies used during the development process is noticeable. High quality and affordable prices are the major qualities of Sollider. The company is basing its activities on a culture of diffusing cleaner energies to the Brazilian market. They offer also services of installation to their customers. The fact that facilitates the whole process and operation of adopting renewable energy.

Pfiffner Brazil Instrument Transformers

Pfiffner is an immense Swiss Holding. The long experience, almost 91 years, built the empire of success, which the company sees today. Now Pfiffner is manufacturing the entire range of transformers products. From high to medium to low voltage transformers, the company is manufacturing premium quality. The Holding is also a distributer and a main partner of many other reputable suppliers. Moreover, the team provides relevant services of testing and repairing. Specialists and experts are taking the responsibility for delivering a premium quality services and products.


Alpha Techsolar is a Brazilian solar company. Their central focus is how to generate effectively electricity from sun. This field of expertise is supported by clear strategies. The bill cost reduction the costumer gets reaches sometimes zero. Alpha Techsolar provides the design, analysis, development and installation. The wholesome vision and the green orientation of the company created the leading position Alpha Tech enjoys. For the team the shift into green does not mean to revamp the electrical existing equipment. It is rather a complete diagnosis of the situation and assessment of what is better and more effective for the customer.


The LRC Group is an energy company, which is operating across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The long experience of the Group created the best solutions in the field of consultancy and development. The Group is working on the field of solar and oil energy. The company is achieving great projects through a strategy of good risk management. Moreover, the LRC Group assures innovative techniques and operational energy services.