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Electrical equipment companies in algeria

E-electricity platform is a bridge of global energy and electricity community. It offers electrical equipment suppliers and energy marketers in algeria the opportunity to be exposed in the global market place, to display their products and services internationally and to win new contract awards.

2s energie solaire

2S energie solaire is a renowned Algerian company specialized in renewable energy. The team, which is essentially a group of excellent engineers and technicians, are responsible for two major aspects of activity. First aspect is the supply of high quality equipment of solar energy. The range of equipment includes solar photovoltaic panels, solar LED lighting, solar regulators, solar inverters, hybrid solar inverters and solar batteries. The second aspect of activity is the study, design and installation of hybrid systems, solar public networks, solar pumping water systems, and solar apparatuses. 


SOMAFE is an Algerian large company established since 1995. It supplies and offers assembly and installation of low voltage electrical equipment for professionals. The company provides a full range of electrical equipment like switchboards and electrical distribution boxes, modular switchgear, power circuit breakers, differential relays, industrial outlets, professional tools for electricians. In partnership with international brands such as ABB, the company is placed as the representative of choice of the largest private and public Algerian companies in the industrial and tertiary sector. The company has a network of authorized distributors in the main regions of the country. To be even closer to its customers, the company is working on extending its network with the opening of new markets. 


Sodimel is an Algerian prominent company established in 1989. The expert team is composed of electrical engineers specialized in the distribution and installation of electrical equipment. They operate in the field of high and low voltage products. Sodimel is also a distributor of electrical systems and solutions, including medium and low voltage transformers, low voltage cabinets - CLPG general protection cells, SM6 cells - Posts on pole (ACC), etc. In addition, they offer effective maintenance and assembly services. Furthermore, the company has concluded successful partnerships and distribution agreements with several manufacturers such as Schneider Electric, Electro-industry and Elsewedy. 


Solec is an independent Algerian company operating in the field of public works and large electrical installations. More precisely, the company members are expert in the installation of photovoltaic panels and all equipment related to solar and electric energy. The team studies, supplies and offers installation of PV systems and electrical solar energy. The company works on roads and highways, avenues and streets, parks, roundabouts, car parks and pedestrian areas. Solec also operates in isolated sites, gardens and private courtyards. SOLEC is committed to a green culture oriented towards eco-friendly activities. 


FMER is an Algerian company, which is specialized in the design, integration and implementation of solar energy systems. Aiming to spread access to solar energy throughout Algeria, the company offers its services of studying, consulting and providing solar solutions adapted to industrial applications. The company also offers lighting services for new real estate projects as well as flexible solar solutions for construction sites. The team offers also the establishment of public lighting systems and autonomous solar installations for isolated sites. As far as farmers are concerned, they implement for them solar pumping systems and PV installations. In addition to these services, FMER distributes a wide range of solar grids and equipment products such as PV modules, solar inverters, charge controllers, solar batteries and LED lamps. The company is a partner of a number of world-renowned German brands in solar energy such as Lorentz, Heckert Solar, Kemo and Luxor.


Mekenergie is an Algerian company, which is prominent in the domain of solar energy equipment distribution. It was established in 2007, and since that date, the company was an active and major player in the market.  It is operating in the following areas import and distribution of solar equipment and products such as photovoltaic panels, solar batteries, solar water pumps and solar water heaters. The company also conducts studies, installation and repair of solar energy systems for domestic use, urban sites and isolated sites. Besides, the company is involved in hydraulic pumping systems for irrigation, farming, drinkable water and industrial applications.

Algeria SunPower

Algeria Sunpower is an Algerian leader distributer of photovoltaic systems. It is established in 2014 and despite its young experience; it is considered a trustworthy service provider. They design the entire photovoltaic system. Besides, they offer high quality structures and installation. They are operating across the whole country of Algeria. 

Alternate Solar Energy

Alternate Solar Energy is an Algerian active service and equipment provider. They offer a wide range of products such as domestic lighting, public lighting, solar pumps, solar air conditioning, cathodic protection, solar water heaters and all related solar power plants equipment. On the other hand, the services are in the domain of engineering, installation and integration of solar photovoltaic, thermal and lighting systems as well as their monitoring and maintenance. Alternate Solar Energy is also a distributer of solar photovoltaic, thermal systems and wind systems. Led by engineers who are aware of solar energy importance, the company has established a research and development unit to design more innovative equipment and services.

STC Total Comfort

STC Total Comfort is an Algerian large company specialized in the design, installation and maintenance of electrical equipment and components. STC operates in various sectors such as bank branches, hotels, restaurants, industrial sites, hospitals and clinics, schools, local communities, residential buildings and commercial facilities. The expert team of engineers have all the necessary skills and materials (such as service vehicles, equipment and tools) to offer you the best services. They are also responsible for the study, the achievement, the implementation of high standards services. All types of electrical installations whether in the industrial, commercial or domestic facilities within the private or public sites are offered. 

OCA Light

OCA Light is an Algerian company specialized in street lighting products and street furniture. The company manufactures and markets a wide range of candelabras, lighting fixtures and luminous structures that meet the specific needs of the customer. In the field of street furniture, it offers a wide range of equipment and accessories. In addition to their elegant aesthetics, the products developed by OCA Light offer excellent energy efficiency. They are also featured by their unique design. The young company has developed consulting activities to properly analyze the needs of customers and offers them the product (s) best suited to their project (s). OCA Light has become representative of prestigious brands like General Electric, thanks to its high professionalism.