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Wires and Cables

Wires and cables are imperative categories which no construction work, power plant , electrical engineering project and so many others fields can be established without them. Products of this category include many subcategories and divisions, which professionals know better. For matter of conveniences, e-electricity provides a large array of wires and cables suppliers to help you find your requirement easily. Check the list of top wires and cables companies and contact the expert team of e-electricity for more details and direct contact. 


Chakira Cable is a Tunisian manufacturer of electrical, telecommunications and customized cables. The company, is established in the early 1960's , today it represents one of the world leaders in the cable sector. With more than 50 years of expertise, Chakira Cable offers a wide range of electrical cables, complying with international standards. The company's products are NF certified by LCIE Veritas Bureau, which is a specialist in the certification of electrical and electronic products. With a strong presence abroad, the company has many prominent international clients, including French EDF, Algerian SONELGAZ and Libyan General Electricity Company of Libya.


Unex European Group is a leader manufacturer specialized in insulating and modular systems. The group is established in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Chile. It also has a growing global presence (North Africa, Arabian Gulf, United States, China, India, Australia ...).The group operates for over than 50 years. They are responsible for the manufacturing, distribution and maintenance of cables for electrical, telecommunications, air-conditioning purposes. They are also premium service providers. The company manufactures a complete range of distribution cables, insulated cables, control panels, junction boxes, etc. Unex are manufacturing high quality products and they use their own raw materials. This allows Unex to control the entire production process and to ensure large supply capacities. 


Enerser Energy is a Turkish company established in 2008. The expert technicians and skillful engineers are the essential foundation of the company’s success. The company is not only aiming to satisfy every need in the market but also it aims to provide high service quality and professional finishing touch. It is a major distributor of leading brands in the arena. The array of products is long however, we can enumerate: power electronics equipment such as Uninterruptible Power Supply, rectifiers, inverters, static regulators, current regulators, relays, lighting equipment, fuses, hand tools, etc. The services of installation and maintenance are noticeable. Enerser Energy is considered in the top premium distributors in Turkey and abroad. 

Société Elkateb d'électricité

Elkateb Electricity is a wholesale and retail electrical and electronic equipment sales company. They are suppliers of LED lighting, colorful Lights, circuit breakers, smart lights and control, surveillance camera, projectors, personified light switchers. It offers a wide range of products including lighting equipment, LED lighting and electrical wires and cables. These products are from prominent Tunisian and international manufacturers like Chakira Cable, Siame, Schneider Electric, Legrand, Philips, Osram, etc.

High Quality

High Quality is an Egyptian company established in 2013. The young but skillful team is responsible for the supply of a long array of products. These products are related to cables, various types of wires, lighting equipment, solar energy pumping systems, security and safety systems and low voltage products. Consequently, they are ranked premium quality companies for the successful implementation of numerous projects. The projects are mainly in the domain of hybrid power plants, irrigation installation systems, and lighting products establishment. 


ALTINSOY ENERJI LTD STI is a Turkish company based in Ankara. Since 2003 the company has been working in the electrical sector with great professionalism to produce premium quality products. A new industry has been inaugurated newly with a large area of 11000 m2. As any large factory, they produce a comprehensive array of electrical equipment. Consequently, the factory is working on the manufacturing of electric panels, compact substations, lugs and trays cables, groove clamps and switchgear, etc. ALTINSOY is a brand known of its large capacities, continuous improvement and expertise.

Riyadh Cables Group of Companies

Riyadh Cables is a Saudi Arabian company founded in 1984. It is a prominent specialist in multiple set of cables products. The expert team manufactures a large range of low, medium and high voltage electrical cables, overhead line conductors, phones and optical fiber cables, and pilot and control lines. The company also provides various services in the field of transmission and distribution of electricity, which are based on the principle of oriented solutions and continuous development. Particularly, there is a section devoted to HV issues, which includes onsite testing operations and cables provisions. The huge human and financial capital made Riyadh Cables invests and gets involved in different sectors and projects of energy, construction and communication.


Solifex Energy is an Indian wholesale Trader. The company is founded in 2017.After an accurate market study the team found out that implementing solar energy plants needs great hybrid equipment and off grid installation. Therefore, the expert team focused on the business transaction of solar energy stations’ equipment. This meant, all kinds of panels needed in rooftop and industrial solar plants. Furthermore, the company deals with inverters and off grids related to power plants system, cables, batteries and solar water pumps. This large range of diversified items has made Solifex Energy a leading wholesaler in a short period.

Shenzhen Chuangyin Co.,Ltd

Chuangyin group is a Chinese holding with one headquarter and three manufacturing branches. It was founded in 2002. The field of work is producing and distributing transformers (different types of that device), switchgears, relays and other equipment and components. Notice that Chuangyin group is a manufacturer of equipment, a supplier and a service provider. The group obtained a number of national awards, which demonstrates its vast capacities and professionalism.  The company acquired also the qualification of ISO9001 standards.