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Wires and Cables

Wires and cables are imperative categories which no construction work, power plant , electrical engineering project and so many others fields can be established without them. Products of this category include many subcategories and divisions, which professionals know better. For matter of conveniences, e-electricity provides a large array of wires and cables suppliers to help you find your requirement easily. Check the list of top wires and cables companies and contact the expert team of e-electricity for more details and direct contact. 


At Denig Solar we are making state of the art solar and battery solutions for a variety of situations. Our high-quality systems are based on the best products and are approved by the Nigerian and Danish authorities.
​We deliver plug and play Solar-systems with battery banks that ensures clean and free power 24 hrs. around the year. The systems are scalable and you can start out with a small system and later add to the system, as you need changes. The solar panels produce the power during the day – even in cloudy weather - and store enough power in the batteries for use at night. Due to our high-quality standards, the systems will provide you with clean, free and silent power for 25 years!
If you don’t have the room or the need for solar panels, but will avoid power outage a UPS is the perfect solution. Our quality plug and play systems are very easy to install and will be charged by the grid-power whenever power is available. When the power is out, our system immediately takes over and deliver power for all your appliances. Compared to a generator this solution is cheap – doesn’t require repair or fuel – and is completely noiseless!
​At Denig Solar we take pride in our service – and you are never left alone with a system that doesn’t work. Our qualified technicians are ready to provide the best service on the marked – and we are just a call away.


In 2013, we are  going to celebrate the 15th anniversary of our firm whose history dates back to 1974 and which has united its experience in the fields of electricity, winding and submersible pumps under the name of Sartel Cable in 1998. In a short time, we were able to make a good reputation in the cable industry with our differences. We started exporting to Finland, in our facility in the district of Aydın, Nazilli and today our company exports 85%  of its exports to the European market and its surroundings. Today we have one of the largest low-voltage cable capacities. As of 2012 we are a dynamic cable company with 115.000 m² of space including 18.000 m² cable production facility area, 5.000 m² of copper wire manufacturing plant area, 2.000 m² submersible motor winding wire manufacturing facility, in total a covered area of 25.000 m². Latest system control technologies are used in all of our facilities and we have the industry’s most efficient machines and equipment.

Sartel Cable is engaged in the production of all kinds of low-voltage energy product groups such as PVC insulated conductors, PVC insulated Y-cables, Y-cables, XLPE insulated, PVC insulated control cables, rubber insulated cables, lift and submersible pump cables, fire-resistant  and heat-resistant cables with the domestic and international standards. In addition, it produces submersible motor winding wires for submersible motor manufactures. The quality testing of all cables that we produce are done in our quality testing laboratory in accordance with the standards in facilities equipped with high quality equipment by ourqualified engineers. 

Aware of the fact that customer satisfaction goes hand in hand with staff motivation, we try to create high motivation in our employees, and we continue our production activities with machinery, equipment and technology which are both the human and the environment-friendly. For the aim of  a better service to all customers of Sartel Cable it moved it's address to Denizli at the beginning of 2014

Sartel Cable which has grown with the support of its customers will continue to be a significant player in the turkish cable industry by continuing its new investments without interruption and by bringing added value with its achievements.

EEHD Erneuerbare Energien - Handel und Distribution GmbH

For more than 6 years EEHD has been your reliable supplier. With a portfolio of solar modules, inverters, substructures, cables, plugs, storage and other solutions, we professionally implement your photovoltaic projects with you. With jointly developed ideas and solutions, we offer cost-effective and thus high-profit implementation of your projects.

Edmundson Electrical Ltd

SERVICE : We serve the country from over 250 locations, each carrying a comprehensive stock and run by friendly, experienced and highly motivated staff. We value each customer, regardless of size, and are committed to provide a comprehensive, unrivalled service and attention to quality. Our customer base includes the following sectors: electrical contractors & engineers, industrial companies, facilities management, government agencies, local authorities, power generation, utilities, construction, panel builders, oil, gas, petrochemical, export markets, food industries, hotels/leisure, retail, air conditioning, heating & ventilation, refrigeration, security and fire prevention. PRODUCTS : A major strength of Edmundson is our commitment to satisfy the demands of our customers with innovative, high quality and cost effective 'branded' products sourced from the world's leading manufacturersOur business constantly adapts to meet the needs of an ever changing market and our very strong relationships with our suppliers ensure that information regarding new products and trends is quickly communicated. Amongst the wide range of products stocked are lighting, lamps, cables, wiring accessories, domestic, commercial, industrial, switchgear and fusegear, control and automation, cable management, ventilation, space heating, water heating, cable components and accessories, emergency lighting and fire detection, security access control, site electrics and supplies, tools and fixings, instrumentation and electronic components. FLEXIBILITY : We operate a highly decentralised business philosophy through which our local managers are empowered to make all important business decisions. Our dedicated staff offer unbiased advice to find the best solution to our customers' specific needs. Our management style means that we build relationships with customers and suppliers locally to the benefit of everyone, nationwide. If you want to learn more about a company whose products are backed by years of practical experience and demonstrable success, please give us a call.


About BINK Solar

It is the summer of 2009 when we install the first solar panels on a house in Zundert The installation attracts the attention of the entire street, astonishment everywhere. Today, as BINK Solar, we have grown into the specialist in solar panels for the Southern Netherlands. We are part of the BINK Group. A reliable family business that has been active on the market since 1979.

Our team advises and installs solar panels for private individuals as well as companies and institutions. For example, in recent years we have placed many solar panels on homes, businesses and government institutions.

During your orientation on the internet you will experience that a lot of information about solar panels is available online. Logical, given the advantages: you save directly on your energy bill and you save the environment. After visiting various websites it may seem like all solar panels are the same. Yet there are indeed differences in the performance and yield of the various systems. This difference lies in the quality of solar panels, inverters and, last but not least, the difference in experience, knowledge and expertise of consultants and technicians.

Direct Power

With the depletion of fossil fuels such as coal or oil and global warming, the development of sustainable alternative energies (solar, wind, geothermal, hydraulic, etc.) has become a priority.

Among these energies, solar photovoltaic (PV) consists of producing electricity by transformation of solar radiation by photovoltaic cells connected together to form a photovoltaic solar module or solar panel whose grouping will form a photovoltaic solar installation. This solar installation can supply a local need (with storage) or be directly injected, after transformation into alternating current, in an electrical distribution network (without storage).

Offers in the field of  solar photovoltaic (PV) are expanding day by day and in the midst of all these offers, it becomes increasingly difficult to navigate and to make the difference between short-term solutions at the expense of quality and those which ultimately will bring real and lasting gain.

  • Direct Power with its long experience and the skill of its teams will help you make the right choices.
  • Direct Power imports and distributes quality products selected from recognized suppliers .
  • Direct Power, thanks to these logistic platforms,  guarantees you availability and quality of service.

Its staff made up exclusively of engineers enables Direct Power to direct its customers towards the best choices for their projects in the field of renewable energies.

Demas Großhandel GmbH

Reliable and flexible - this is how demas Großhandel GmbH stands by its partners from trade, commerce and industry in all matters relating to electrical, LED / lighting, photovoltaics and accessories. Unlike classic wholesale, we pursue a philosophy that focuses on individual and renewable solutions.

With our department Demas Solutions you have us as a reliable partner for individual complete solutions at your side. If you have a concern in the LED area, we will find the right solution. You say what you like and we show you how you can realize the project.

DEG Deutsche Elektro Group

As a sales brand of Sonepar Deutschland GmbH, we - DEG - provide a full range of products, our contribution to the optimal supply of electrical trades and retailers as well as industrial companies and the public sector.

We are active for our customers with 46 locations in 3 sales regions (middle-east, north, west) and more than 1,000 employees throughout Germany: personal on-site support is a matter of course for us! The dialogue and direct contact with our customers are the basis of common success.

Our primary goal is to put our clients in a better competitive position and to provide them with optimal support in the conduct of their business activities. Our services offer the success of our customers for the purpose:

Our strengths - personal, comprehensive and fast advice, support and delivery:


Solartricity is a spin-off from Voltsys – an Irish company which has been manufacturing and exporting microprocessor based controllers for renewable energy systems worldwide, with customers in Australia, USA, India, Azerbaijan, Falkland Islands, as well as UK and other EU countries. We believe that despite a lack of financial incentives, Ireland will see enormous growth in solar photovoltaics, and believe we are poised to bring our international experience to aid this growth in whatis a clean maintenance free energy source. From our base in Dublin, we aim to provide a wide range of PV products – modules, inverters, roof mountings and other components with nationwide delivery next day.

Bibieffe S.r.l.

Bibieffe was born as a distributor specialized in photovoltaic technology, from the entrepreneurial passion of the founding members who for years actively support the promotion of photovoltaics and are fighting for the protection of the environment.

The objective of Bibieffe for the next few years is to contribute to the diffusion of solar photovoltaics in Italy through the quality of the treated products, technical and specialist assistance and reliability of the services offered. 

The business activity of Bibieffe today is: 
• a serious and competent reality; 
• operating throughout the national territory; 
• composed of qualified and motivated professionals.