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Other Services

Nihal electronics

Nihal Electronics is an Indian company. The young team is focusing on the distribution of best solar equipment. The equipment are panels, inverters, batteries water purifiers and stabilizers. Other equipment are available. The company is committed to provide the customers with required product and services. Nihal Electronics is trying to be closer and more efficient than any other distributor thus they have efficient support team and they are available via many communication channel


Petrotech Africa is a Tunisian company that offers representation, studies and technical assistance services in the Petroleum sector, energy and the chemical industry. Based on its expertise and partnerships with leading global suppliers, Petrotech Africa supplies piping, valves, pumps, fire protection equipment, control instruments, and more. Thanks to its knowledge and partnership with highly qualified suppliers, which are certified and internationally recognized, the company is larger now.  

Ecogreen Energy

Ecogreen Energy is a subsidiary of China Jinjiang Environment Holding. The company first target was the international scale operations. CJE holding is founded in 1983. In 1998 CJE was the first in china to implement an incineration power plant in China. This long journey of commitment and professionalism led to the creation of Ecogreen Energy. The latter is active across India. The company is specialized in waste management and the transformation of that waste into useable energies. The team provides innovative ideas of waste management and conversion into biomass energy. Whether transformed into gas or electricity the company is able to make waste a useful energy source.


HETECH ENERGY is a major Chinese company of solar equipment. The company is based in Henan and was established in 2013. The expert team of engineers are targeting three main markets, which are South American, Eastern Asian, and Middle Eastern markets. This is made possible through large manufacturing capacities and high quality of the products. Consequently, HETECH Energy standards of production comply with ISO, RoHS and FCC specification. Finally, it is essential to know that the key of success for HETECH is that combination between technology, innovation and professionalism.

E-Sam Energy Solutions Ltd

E-Sam Energy is a Nigerian company established since 2013. The company is concentrating only on solar and wind powers. The team is working for more development locally and across African continent. The company is implementing large scaled projects of renewable energy with efficient and safe potentials. The team offers best quality of wind turbines, solar cells and regulators, inverters and batteries, etc. Thus, E-Sam Energy meets the need of every developing country. Its green ecological approach is urgently required for African countries mainly, which do not have access to electrical infrastructure.

Jolywood Solar Technology Co., LTD

Jolywood is a Chinese company established in 2008. The company is considered one of the top producers of integrated photovoltaic cells and models. The expert engineers are working on the development of PV applications and PV backsheet materials. In fact, Jolywood main feature is their pursuit of perfection and professionalism. Their main objective is to attain more investments, larger capacities and global industrial reach. Then, Jolywood is developing smarter applications and distributed systems to achieve top energy proficiency.

Rafahuna Co.

RAFAHUNA is a Jordanian company, which has affiliations in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Italy and Egypt. The company leading team has a wholesome vision of economy. Their vision focuses mainly in environmental sector (wind and renewables in general), technology and web solutions. Furthermore, the company is offering high standards services of consultation, management, consultancy and innovation. Rafahuna is a company with large connections and partnerships across the world. Thus, it provides modernist and robust services for businesses, startups and industries.

Mahan Technology Persian Gulf

Mahan Technology is a Persian holding established in 2013. The company is comprehensive and wholesome. Its field of activity is large and comprises different section such as electrical equipment manufacturing, energy power plants establishment, construction, renewable energy participation, etc. Clearly, the company is touching upon every aspect in the energy sector, whether renewable or not. In addition, Mahan Technology is realizing advanced technological designs and projects. The expertise of the engineering team has enabled the holding to reach successful achievement of large-scale projects.

Fortune Energy

Fortune Energy is a large wholesaler and distributor established in 2009. The company is located in USA and Canada. The long experience in the field of solar equipment and project designs is the key factor of professionalism. The expert enthusiastic team is offering a long array of products such as solar cells, inverters, solar racking systems, BOS, and various solar packages. In addition, the company also provides efficient logistic services. As a wholesaler and distributor, the company is a main partner of major brands. Namely, Fortune Energy is a leading distributor for ABB, Dual Rack, SMA, Canadian Solar, LG, CSUN, etc

3S Solar Energy

3SSolar is a German company established in 2010. The company is a manufacturer of solar panels, inverters, micro grids, LED Lights and households’ appliances. The main orientation of the company is harnessing advanced technology in the favor of new energy products. The team of engineer is permanently developing innovative storage system solutions. Besides 3SSolar is providing services of expert consultancy and energy saving. The company is a source of high quality and efficiency of all related field to sustainable solar energy. 3SSolar is a major distributor for Southern Africa and Germany.