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Low Voltage Power

Low voltage power is approximately from 25 volt and less ( DC). Notice also that voltage percentages vary from country to another. Low voltage is the rate that reaches the consumers in general. It falls therefore, within the final phase of electrical transmission, which is distribution. Consequently, a range of peculiar equipment are required. Namely, the products are: Low Voltage Switchgear, Low Voltage Components, Distribution Transformers and other. Register in e-electricity and accede to a list of low voltage tenders all over the world. 

Type of notice Reference Title Publish date Deadline Country
Contract Award Notice2019/S 119-291045Electrical fitting workJun 23, 2019Sep 23, 2019Germany
Contract Notice2019/S 119-291135Petroleum products, fuel, electricity and other sources of energyJun 23, 2019Jul 24, 2019Germany
Contract Notice2019/S 119-291152Computer equipment and suppliesJun 23, 2019Jul 22, 2019Latvia
Contract Notice2019/S 119-291157Air heatersJun 23, 2019Jul 22, 2019Belgium
Contract Notice2019/S 119-291190Electric motors, generators and transformersJun 23, 2019Jul 25, 2019Poland
Contract Notice2019/S 119-291260ElectricityJun 23, 2019Jul 24, 2019Bulgaria
Contract Notice2019/S 119-291268Petroleum products, fuel, electricity and other sources of energyJun 23, 2019Aug 1, 2019Bulgaria
Contract Notice2019/S 119-291289Signalling cableJun 23, 2019Aug 8, 2019Netherlands
Contract Notice2019/S 119-291294ElectricityJun 23, 2019Sep 2, 2019Netherlands
Contract Notice2019/S 119-291300Optical aidsJun 23, 2019Jul 30, 2019United Kingdom