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Electronics Materials

Electronic materials and components are widely used for more advanced industries. Technology versus automation and advancement are the major components of electronic materials. Those devices are not only known in the field of high tech and communication they are also known in the field of health care equipment, automated and smart grid, robotics world and so on and so forth. Successively, e-electricity platform offers a useful list of electronic materials suppliers, which are ranked in the top list of global companies. Find the supplier you are looking for and contact our team for additional details. 


We bring you a good portion of enthusiasm and innovative spirit, and a long experience in electrical installations, photo-voltaic and security electronics. Today AFRISOLE TECH wants to be among the innovative companies in the field of energy and security, our clients testify.

-ENERGY INDEPENDENCE : We offer Personal and Professional Eco solutions for energy independence, thanks to a range of equipment rigorously selected, from production to storage, through the conversion of energy Photovoltaics. We are ready to provide you quality service so you belonged to the circle of close  PRODUCER-CONSUMER.

-NEW SOLUTIONS : AFRISOLE TECH also provides specific training and technical assistance to install any range of photovoltaic products, thermal, solar air and any complete technical documentation dedicated to different products.
-AFRISOLE SECURITY :  security is an essential element in our lives within the means that we put into play to improve our well being. security is useful or even mandatory for any business or commercial activity this allows peace of mind for any offense will be a visible guilty and well determined. Given our partenaiat now German FUESYS GmBH we provide you quality safety materials German.

Zhejiang Xingyi Ventilator Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Xingyi Ventilator Electrical Appliance is a Chinese company established in 1992. The focus of the company is the production of electrical and electronic, industrial equipment and components, refrigeration, ventilation, processing and welding. The skillful team is specialized in the manufacturing, distribution and exportation of wide range of products and their related equipment.  Furthermore, the huge area of the factory is an evidence of the large capacities of production. Their success key are persistence and good management in addition to a global orientation and high standards. 

2s energie solaire

2S energie solaire is a renowned Algerian company specialized in renewable energy. The team, which is essentially a group of excellent engineers and technicians, are responsible for two major aspects of activity. First aspect is the supply of high quality equipment of solar energy. The range of equipment includes solar photovoltaic panels, solar LED lighting, solar regulators, solar inverters, hybrid solar inverters and solar batteries. The second aspect of activity is the study, design and installation of hybrid systems, solar public networks, solar pumping water systems, and solar apparatuses. 


SOMAFE is an Algerian large company established since 1995. It supplies and offers assembly and installation of low voltage electrical equipment for professionals. The company provides a full range of electrical equipment like switchboards and electrical distribution boxes, modular switchgear, power circuit breakers, differential relays, industrial outlets, professional tools for electricians. In partnership with international brands such as ABB, the company is placed as the representative of choice of the largest private and public Algerian companies in the industrial and tertiary sector. The company has a network of authorized distributors in the main regions of the country. To be even closer to its customers, the company is working on extending its network with the opening of new markets. 

Jayshree Electricals

Jayshree Electricals is a large Indian distributor. The experience of the team exceeds 25 years, which created consistent foundations for the team to be eligible authorized traders across India. The main products of transactions are contactors, overload relays, switchgears, cables and lighting equipment. Besides the company has larger units of steel, textile and engineering. In addition, the activities of the company touch upon wider spectrum such as chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Industries & Power Plants industries.


GÜVEN-İŞ is a Turkish large producer of transformers and other electrical equipment. GÜVEN-İŞ was established in 1975. Hence, the long experience of the factory leaders has permitted large production capacities and neat finish. The company is a major producer of stabilizer, regulator, UPSs, metal boxes and other accessories. The company works in compliance with ISO and CE high standards and got the certification of quality and management. The team is highly proficient and committed to provide accurate development to the industrial system through personalized products.

E-Sam Energy Solutions Ltd

E-Sam Energy is a Nigerian company established since 2013. The company is concentrating only on solar and wind powers. The team is working for more development locally and across African continent. The company is implementing large scaled projects of renewable energy with efficient and safe potentials. The team offers best quality of wind turbines, solar cells and regulators, inverters and batteries, etc. Thus, E-Sam Energy meets the need of every developing country. Its green ecological approach is urgently required for African countries mainly, which do not have access to electrical infrastructure.

Auro power systems

AURO Power Systems is a Partner and distributer for ABB India. Through different offices and representations across India, Auro is supplying multiple industries and companies. The line of activity is mainly UPS systems, solar equipment, inverters, Lighting, batteries and pyro-gasification plants for small enterprises. The business of providing an uninterruptible power supply through suitable electrical equipment and batteries components is highly demanded in the modern era. Eventually, Auro Power Systems is offering a variety of services. Accordingly, the team provides services of installation, contracting and spare parts replacements.


Distrigroup Electric is a distributor of professional electrical equipment. The company distributes a wide range of electrical products for industrial, tertiary, infrastructure and energy-saving uses. The range of electrical equipment offered by Distrigroup Electric covers electrical equipment and personal protection (ABB, Legrand, Eaton, Schneider Electric, Bals, Efapel, Mersen ...), industrial control, automation, power distribution of power and measurement (Siemens, Rockwell Automation, Yaskawa, Seneca, Phoenix Contact ...). The company is active also in the wiring and lighting domains thus it supplies cables for residential, tertiary or industrial electrical installations (Zucchini, Schneider Electric), LED and fluorescent lighting (Philips), VDI, cabling and computer components (Schneider Electric, Legrand). Thanks to its efficient offers and unique availability, Distrigroup Electric has become the preferred supplier for installers, key account manufacturers and hardware manufacturers.


GATEK is a Turkish company, established in 1984. This long and successful experience has made Gatek a leading power in the industry of electronics. Long life span of its products and efficient warranty system are the main features. The main field of activity is lighting bulbs and equipment. The company is designing most efficient and durable products in the industry. The wide range of lighting equipment includes outdoor and indoor bulbs and LED bulbs, projectors, ground bulbs, etc. the products are stylish and modern.