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Construction works

Construction works, or civil engineering comprehend a long array of fields and specialties that are directly related to its sphere. E-electricity team are aware of the fact that the industry of energy needs such ground of activity. Therefore, it provides high standards of construction companies contacts and information. The service touches upon electrical industry greatly as implementing power plants is one of the most pertinent services a construction company does. Discover more about this section and find more relevant details. 

Inove Ecoenergia S.l

INOVE ECOENERGÍA is a Spanish company that focuses in renewable energy. The expertise of the company is in the domain of marketing, installation, maintenance of various equipment. The specialties of renewable energy which the company deals with are thermal solar, photovoltaic, wind and thermodynamic. The team can face any challenge or requirement its customer ask for thanks to its skills and knowledge. They also implement hybrid systems (wind and solar), biomass equipment supply, fire protection, water treatment, electrical services, plumbing, telecommunication, etc. The team is highly qualified and the company has large capacities of service provision. 


WindThink is global company based in both Turkey and Ukraine. The team is also multinational and full of experts and highly qualified engineers.  They offer a wide range of consultancy management, monitoring and outsourcing services. Moreover, the company is largely active in the EPC, energy storage, geo-technical engineering, etc. WindThink is also widely known in all services related to wind energy field. These services includes site study of feasibility, measurement, turbine optimization, wind flow modelling and other related services. The major focus of the company is to implement energy projects successfully and professionally. Thus, they have large capacities of project implementation and they are featured by their accuracy and skillfulness. 

Sun City Energy

SunCity is an Egyptian company with an economic and environmental objective of spreading solar energy in the entire country. The idea is to provide clean and sustainable energy in good prices for a growing customer base in the country and across. Therefore, the team offers comprehensive solutions of photovoltaic systems, solar pumping, off grid solar pumping. The company is not only offering efficient solutions to every electricity need but also offering innovative, practice and cohesive answers to electric growing demand. 


ME & CO is a Tunisian company specialized in turnkey projects of energy management and industrial construction. The multidisciplinary approach and proactive strategy are the milestones of the company. The technical assets and professionalism of the team provided a good grasp on the most advanced techniques of engineering and revamping of installations. Therefore, ME & CO is a partner of CERI Group, which is focused in the implementation of industrial projects as well as any required industrial intervention, optimization and revamping of industrial installations, in different sectors. The company is active in multiple segments of energy and industrial fields, namely: Oil & Gas, Chemical Industry, Cement plant, hydrocarbon and LPG storage depot, Power plants, Renewable energy, Pumping station implementation, Pipelines, Etc. 


Petrotech Africa is a Tunisian company that offers representation, studies and technical assistance services in the Petroleum sector, energy and the chemical industry. Based on its expertise and partnerships with leading global suppliers, Petrotech Africa supplies piping, valves, pumps, fire protection equipment, control instruments, and more. Thanks to its knowledge and partnership with highly qualified suppliers, which are certified and internationally recognized, the company is larger now.  


The TEATek is an Italian Group of industrial energy market. The group is established in 2009. It covers various aspects of renewable energies such as automated equipment, alternative energy and hydropower. The group involves many enterprises with different professional orientations. TEATek is active nationally –in Italy- and across in many parts of Europe thanks to the wide collaborations and successful projects. TEATek is the abbreviation of telecommunication, energy and automation in addition to technology. Through the name, it is clear that the company had that wholesome vision through its creation.


INHEMETER is a Chinese company focused on the electrical industry equipment. The large factory space (85000 m²) and the long experience of the team afforded a huge production capacity. In addition, the leading expertise of the factory is oriented to high tech innovations. Thus, they manufacture smart grids especially a whole set of smart meters and smart communication systems. They are determined to make meters smarter and technologically advanced. Moreover, Inhemeter concentrates on R&D equipment and infrastructure. The company achieved ISO9001 QMS and ISO14000 EMS certifications as an evidence of high quality and professionalism. The goals and strategies of the elite leaders of Inhemeter are comprehensive, clear and global.


Soteca Electric is a Tunisian company specialized in the implementation of electrical projects. The company is established in 1994, thus it is characterized by expertise and knowledge. The company operates in the following eight sectors where it has carried out several major projects: telecommunication, energy and chemistry, aeronautics, construction, agribusiness, infrastructure, environment, maritime and petroleum sectors. The team ensures the study, design and commissioning of: - Electrical panel (TGBT, switchboard, control board), wiring of cabinets and electrical boxes. They are also responsible for turnkey electrical installation (transformer station, transformer, cable routing), automation and instrumentation. Another great field of expertise is renewable energy. Soteca Electric manufactures and distributes wind plants equipment and photovoltaic systems. They offer also maintenance, installation, street lighting and traffic light services. Therefore, the company is comprehensive and have large capacities thanks to highly qualified engineers.


ETGE is a Tunisian company established in 2013 and present in the African market. It is an active supplier in the domain of medium voltage, low voltage and low current. The expert team operates mainly in coordination with the government and public institutions, local authorities, industrial groups and private developers. The company offers technical and innovative solutions best adapted to the needs, in the strict respect of the international regulations in the field of the electrical installations MV, LV and weak current. ETGE ensures the establishment of industrial and transformer station installation, energy distribution, electrical switchboard equipment, indoor and outdoor lighting. Moreover, they work on fire detection equipment and lightning protection, telephone wiring, Intrusion alarm, nurse call, computer wiring energy transmission and distribution, MV and underground MV network, villages’ electrification, HV substation, renewable energy, co-generation air conditioning, ventilation and air treatment, plumbing sanitary, etc. ETGE is also certified by the TÜV Rheinland according to the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2008.

Electric and Technology Solutions

Electric and Technology Solutions (ETS) is a Tunisian company established in 2013. The company focuses in four major domain of smart equipment, which are smart homes (IoT), construction and industrial electricity, surveillance alarm systems and smart tracking. The young but expert team is also involved in the modification, renovation, maintenance and revamping of existing electrical installations and the implementation of new electrical installations. Moreover, the company conducts studies and industrial automation activities. ETS team is at your disposal to assist you in the identification of your needs then bring the most suitable equipment to be installed. To summarize, Electric and Technology Solutions offers services for home automation systems, alarm systems, remote monitoring and GPS tracking.