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Cleaning solar panels

Solar panels are an investment, however, as any investment one has to keep it in its optimal effectiveness. Accordingly, cleaning solar panels is a mandatory service and to achieve its best performance. How to clean them is a good question which our experts might answer it. Find out best solar panel cleaning providers. Discover in e-electricity platform more solar panels cleaning and maintenance services, sign up for free.  

Swapsol Energy

Swapsol Energy solar is a leading Indian service provider. The experts of the team are leading turnkeys’ projects in the solar domain. They maintain installation services, creation, and technological research. Swapsol operates across the world thanks to its huge capacities and skillful team. In addition, the team is providing innovative and efficient management and monitoring systems for its wide customer base. More advanced solar solutions for better management of energy is the main feature of Swapsol Energy Solar projects.

Green Sun Energy

Green Sun Energy is a manufacturer and service provider of solar energy equipment and solutions. Their culture of green ecology and sustainable energy sourcing are their production incentives. The wide range of products manufactured by Green Sun Energy is another evidence of their commitment to the culture of green ecology. They provide rooftop solar on grid and off grid, inverters and high quality of PV panels. The awareness and passion of the technical team and engineers made the service section flourishes greatly. In fact, GSE offers full package of maintenance, installation and engineering consultancy services.

Descon Engineering Manufacturing

Descon is a Pakistani –afterward multinational- leading engineering company. A long experience of more than 40 years (established since 1977) created the success of today. Descon operates on multiple levels. Chiefly, the company works on development and manufacturing of equipment related to chemicals and power plants. Besides, Descon, is delivering innovative and creative engineering solutions. The corporation is respectful to every international standard of high quality such as ISO, OHSAS and ASME. Moreover, they work in conformity with national QA & QC and HSE standards.


HISHU SOLUTIONS is specialized in solar energy. The experts in HISHU are benefitting from solar energy to produce the most accurate products and solutions. Their main target is to combine a lucrative business and a green ecosystem. Thus, they manufacture and supply a broad variety of freights empowered only by sun. To be precise, the major products are outdoor and indoor solar LED lamps off grid solar power stations and also solar water pumps. HISHU not only supplies its customers by needed product but also finishes the entire process of installation, maintenance, cleaning and repair services. The company works even to advocate for the green environment orientation among youngsters. Therefore, HISHU conveys a number of training session to make young generations aware of renewables role in the future.

ABB technology SA

ABB is one of the largest providers of products of lighting, electronics, electric automation systems, services and industrial power grids as a whole. Decades of hard work made ABB affiliations multiply across 100 country. Namely this affiliation of Ivory Coast is one the well-known vendors in Africa.  The company is ranked in the top list of electrical equipment suppliers and manufacturers in the marketplace of electricity domains. Leading solutions-oriented software and fully automated systems made ABB a pioneer among its competitors. Their main value has been always integrity. For that reason, reliability and trustworthiness are their guiding lines.